Saturday, February 12, 2005


I slept in this morning, went to lunch with mom and did the dishes. i worked this evening. If my life seems kinda mundane right now, I promise the vacation will liven everything right up. I plan to have many adventures.
I didn't get any knitting done at all today, but I did go to Uncle Bill's Pancake Emporium with Jessica and Diana after work. I ate oatmeal there, I just had to have it because last time I went to Uncle Bill's it was New Years, and April had oatmeaal and I've been thinking about oatmeal at Uncle Bill's ever since. It just seems to be a strange sort of thing to order at a restaurant, and therefore, good.
The hat and glasses photo-thingy is running strong in the second day. I am very proud of that stupid-ass muppet lookin' hat. It looks great on everyone. I have to get better at taking pictures with the phone though. I always forget it doesn't flash, and then things get all dark and wiggly.
Hmm... double shift tomorrow, I'll post the photos, then I'm goin to bed.


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