Tuesday, February 15, 2005

tuesday night. mood: a little piratey.

Today was my first day off work in about a week and a half. I got a ton of stuff done in preparation for the trip, but I'm still not packed. I'm a little frustrated with the prospect of traveling to a cold place, then a hot place and then back to another cold place. I mean, if I was just going to New York and then to California, I could just send my coat and longjohns home so I would have more room in my luggage for all the loot I'm gonna buy, but I will need said coat when I get to Chicago, because if I remember correctly, it's still hell of cold there in March. I guess I should stop whining. I am going on a fabulous vacation, to four great cities, I can haul around a coat and an extra pait of jeans. It won't kill me, but I just keep thinking of all the booty I could fit into that stupid suitcase instead. aarg.


Blogger aaronmaye said...

Hey Sk8tie, It's Aaron Maye and I'm at Duff's...I'm not sure how this'll post to you.Did you have a good flight? I looooove the photos. You are so cool!I am so happy you get to take this awesome vacation. Will you be my honeymonn travel agent??

9:46 PM  

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