Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Montgomery Street

Downtown San Francisco
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Chris and I took the BART downtown today so we could go to the Cartoon Art Museum. It was supposed to be free today, but of course we read the website wrong and it wasn't free. I didn't want to pay because I was so stoked to be getting in for free that I got really pissed about having to pay, which is totally ridiculous but I get silly sometimes, sufice to say that after a brief period of pouting I coughed up the dough and went in. It was totally worth it. They have tons of originals of comic strips and boards from all kinds of comic books. There was a Debbie Drescher hand colored 4 page story, lots of Crumb and Adrian Tomine. I saw originals of Krazy Kat and started missing Drew Bell. They had the originals of the two page layout in L&R #50 where Maggie feels like she's getting smacked in the face by everyone she's ever known... (933k 933k) Anyway, it was cool. We then went and got some tacos. We were at the comic museum for almost 3 hours. I admire Chris's resolve. Most people I know would have left me there after about 45 minutes. I'm gonna make a quiche for dinner tonight. Maybe we'll get drunk.


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