Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday afternoon

Sorry there was no post last night, the network was down out here, Not that anyone was actually looking for news I'm sure. Last night we watched Katey and Ebbe's video footage of their trip. Central America is beautiful, especially the places in Nicaragua they went to. I got a little emotional watching the footage of Costa Rica, but they said they felt really safe while they were there. Kate's going to Hawaii after I leave here. She's been showing me all of her fashion choices for the trip all afternoon. I was contemplating putting a photo of her in the new swimsuit on the blog, but then I realized there's quite a few pictures of Kate lookin' sexy on the blog, so I decided against it. Sorry. Not much else going on. Chill day. I got all excited about the new Megatokyo comic posted yesterday. I also thought about buying copicmarkers at the Japanese bookstore yeaterday, but couldn't justify dropping the cash. I wonder if anyone I know has some, that I could try out. Erg, this post is BOORRING. Sorry guys.


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