Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Dinner Party

Glenna and Kate
Originally uploaded by sarahkate.
Glenna had Kate and I over for dinner to celebrate our birthdays. She made chilled avacado soup, seared tuna with cilantro salsa and a coconut wasabi sauce and snow peas. We had some amazing stuffed peppers for desert. I just realized I forgot to ask Glenna for my leftovers! We drank wine, talked about books listened to music, what a fabulous evening!
Kate asked me to go to Martha's vineyard with her this August to lie on the beach and hang out with her Aunt Sandy.
I would like to spend more evenings like this. I'm hoping this is a preview of how my summer will be this year. I haven't had an outstanding summer in a while. Maybe I'll give that "family reunion" idea Kate was tossing around a second thought.


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