Monday, May 09, 2005

the week in review

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So sorry about lack of blogging this week. Last time I posted was Thursday. Here's what happened since then:
1. Thursday: I got sick at work. Nothing too terrible, just the worst stomach cramps of my life. Yes, even worse than the pre-laparoscopic cholecystectomy stomach pain. I think it was the box curry I ate that made me ill, but I know I scared poor Paul half to death. Jessica did my checkout for me and Glenna came to take me home. I am greatly indebted to both of them.
2. Friday: I didn't work Friday night, due to the whole being sick thing. However I had reservations that afternoon for Tea at the Ritz with Mom, Toni and Helen for Mother's Day, so I put on a dress and a smile and we had a great time.
3. Saturday: I worked the slowest Saturday shift ever at BBh. I was still feeling a little wonky, so I didn't really mind the snail's pace. My folks went to a Kentucky Derby Party at Sunset in Brussels Illinois. I PROMISE to post photos of my mom in a ridiculous hat as soon as I can get my hand on them.
4. Sunday: I worked a hellish brunch on Sunday. The day dragged on and on and the mothers who came in were mostly sick of waiting so long for a table. (make a reservation already people!) Some rude guy kept smiling and telling me everything was fine with his meal and then complained to everyone else on the staff about the lousy service I gave him.
NOTE: If you don't tell your server that something is wrong, he or she has no opportunity to fix the problem, ergo IT'S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT if you are unhappy. Most servers will bend over backwards to make your dining experience an enjoyable one, but we need feedback from you, the customer, in order to do this. Whining to the bussers and the maitre'd only creates a stressful working environment for your server and exacerbates the problem.
5. Sunday Night: I came home and crashed out in an attempt to shake the cold or whatever it is that has been afflicting me since Thursday night.
6. Monday: I worked lunch today and took the cut tonight. I came home, spent some time on the computer setting up the flickr group for BBh employees. I sat on the backporch with a cup of tea and tried to read for a while. My neighbor Becky gave me some marigolds for my garden (they keep the bugs away) and then I talked Matt into giving me a backrub.
So there you have it, the week in review. Tomorrow I'm taking Alan's bike to Mesa to have it tricked out, spending the day working on the house and then having dinner with Kate and Glenna. Thank you for your intrest. Sorry about the rant.


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