Tuesday, April 26, 2005

old wallpaper

old wallpaper
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This is the bathroom wall on my second floor. The paper is ancient and looks to be hand-painted. Unfortunatley, all the plaster that this wallpaper is hanging on, not to mention the paper itself, is severly water damaged from a roof leak that we have since repaired. Shawna has suggested that we make an attempt to peel some of it off and maybe frame it so we can have a record of what the house looked like before we did all the rehab. She is slightly more optomistic than I am. I'm affraid that it will disolve in my hands if I try to peel it off. We'll see what happens.
I think I'm going to try to get some more pictures today of the whole upstairs for the record. I have a photo album started of the house and the rehab process already, so I'm just going to keep adding to it.
I'm also going to go shopping for a new printer this afternoon. My trusty Epson Inkjet has finally died and I think it is time for an upgrade to something that can print on photo quality paper, that has a scanner and copier built in, that doesn't attempt to walk off the table every time it prints, etc. Plus I get to ogle the new iBooks that I lust after but cannot afford and wouldn't buy anyway til after OS X Tiger comes out. So there.


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