Saturday, July 29, 2006

I cannot concentrate with all this heat!

I am not a complainer when it comes to weather. I actually like the heat and humidity.
I have been totally unable to deal with this heat though. I can't seem to get anything done on time at all, which is frustrating to no end. I hate being outside, even to garden.
Speaking of gardening, here's the vegetable report: My tomatoes are fruiting nicely, but the leaves are looking a bit yellow around the edges. This is due to lack of nitrogen in the soil, something I will add with the next batch og organic fertilizer. My okra is huge, and the peppers are doing well. All the herbs are doing well, and I am going to start drying them soon. I may even take Annie's suggestion and make a butter compose thingy.
I am disappointed in the edamame. Everything I read made it seem like they would flourish, but no matter what I tried, they just went to the insects. Marigolds, soapy water, chili paste spray, nothing could keep the bugs from making holes in the leaves. I may get about a handful of beanpods from them, but I doubt I will try to grow them again. Oh well, I learn a bit more each year.
I finished the latest pair of socks, which were a birthday present for someone who reads this blog, so I couldn't post pictures of them on here. Rest assured that they are off to their new home, and that they are really cute! I love making ankle socks. They take almost no time and usually no more than one skein. I am going to have to expand into lace or a different ribbing pattern soon though, I am getting a bit bored with the ones I've been using.
On the knitting front now: baby socks. Jessica, Kate, and Sarah at work are all expecting babies. Shawna's got one coming soon too. Jackson has arrived and at some point will have cold feet, though probably not in the immediate future.
I will have pictures of Jackson on this very blog as soon as I find my camera cable. Aaron Maye and I spent a lot of time together on Wednesday and we both took pictures of him. He is beautiful and perfect. I love him.
Oh, I am too beat to talk about Roller Derby right now, lets just say that the F&F bout on the 16th went well. We made some mistakes, we learned what we need to do, we will be better prepared for September 10th.
Today is the Hel-Kat's birthday, I hope she has a happy one, and I'm sure her mom won't since the party is of the slumber variety. I'll check on her tonight.
That's all you get now, I'm going to grab a bite before I go to work tonight.


Blogger Ann said...

Now see, I thought edame would be hard to grow... that it needed a bunch of something in the soil that we don't have.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Kathryn said...

I'm sorry about the edamame. :(

8:49 AM  

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