Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolutions 2008

1. I will buy as much organic, locally grown food as possible and cook it at home for my whole family and whoever happens to stop by.
2. I will choose sustainable, recyclable, recycled, earth-friendly items whenever offered.
3. I will shop at independent, locally owned and operated stores.
4. I will ride my bike, walk and push the stroller instead of driving, thereby saving gas and getting exorcize.
5. I will eat less meat. I've really gotten out of hand with the whole ex-vegetarian thing. I think I'm going to go vegan for February.
6. I will get my cats chipped at the next Humane Society Chip-a-thon.
7. I will get my eyebrows waxed regularly. There is no excuse for looking like a caveman.
8. I will finish Lizard Ridge, Joss's Toxic Sweater, Toni's Socks, Mom's Socks, Matt's Knucks, Annie's Knucks and will knit a sweater for myself, something I've never done.
8. I will get the sewing machine repaired and actually use it to make stuff, not just for hemming and pocket repair.
9. I will not give my folks a hard time.
10. I will not let my folks give me a hard time.
11. I will make gifts for people or purchase them from or from fellow crafty folk I know.
12. I will remember every day that I am lucky to be happy, healthy and loved.
13. I will kiss my boys (the big one and the little one) ten thousand times.
14. I will say "thank you" graciously and "I'm sorry" sincerely.
15. I will always send a thank you card. Always.
16. I will not get bogged down by unproductive thinking.
17. I will spend less time watching television and movies.
18. I will make better use of the library.
19. I will work on the upstairs at least once a week.
20. I will, I will, I will blog weekly, if not more.


Blogger Rachel said...

Great resolutions! Good luck!

When you first wash the toxic sweater, add a glug of vinegar to the wash to preserve the toxicity. *grin*

I'm taking your books to the shop today. I'll have them in Sandy's office whenever you stop by.

7:24 AM  

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