Saturday, February 19, 2005

dinner at M

A Picture Share!
Originally uploaded by sarahkate.
I was so hungry last night after spending all day in airports and eating nothing but a luna bar and some pocky that when I got to M (the chinese bistro where Nikki works in Williamsburg, Brooklyn) that I snarffed my food before I could take a picture of it. I had vegetable dumplings and tofu with sweet peppers and black bean sauce. When kate showed up later and had soup I snapped her.
Most of my trip was uneventful. I had a two hour layover in DC and spent most of it talking to Jill on the phone. I saw two girls, very american and very tall, wearing loose socks in the DC airport. The train ride from JFK to Nikki + Nina's house took longer than the flight from DC to NYC. I was too tired and Kate was too sick so we party pooped Nikki until tonight.


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