Sunday, March 20, 2005

Boring yacking, then a little rant.

Saturday lunches are usually busy shifts, and it was nice to dive right back in after such a long time off. My shift was good and afterwards I went to Toni's to watch a movie.
The only two reasons to see Secret Window are Johnny Depp, cause he's pretty to look at, and John Turturro, cause he's funny with a southern drawl. Otherwise it was a total waste of two hours. Toni and I talked thru the whole thing and still got the entire plot. And they killed the dog. I cannot stand it when they kill the dog in a horror movie. I won't watch rape scenes or animal cruelty scenes in movies. Nothing pisses me off more than gratutious violence directed at animals. I'm possibly more offended by the "kill the dog" parts in horror movies because it's a cop-out as well as unecessary violence than any other lame-ass plot device. But only a tiny bit. I'm not saying that gratutious violence doesn't have its place, I love a good bloody zombie movie, and I'm not for censoring anything, I just don't want to watch dogs getting hacked to pieces, or with their throats slit on people's front porches. Okay. Enough ranting.
After the movie I went up to Mangia to see The Vultures. I love The Vultures. They get better every time I see them. Ryan wails on guitar and Ashley's getting more comfortable with her voice. I'm gonna go see them tomorrow at Pixie 9 too, after brunch, of course. Now to bed.


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