Saturday, March 12, 2005

Home Again

I'm back in St. Louis folks, the vacation is over, sniffle, sniffle.
I got in last night around seven. I was supposed to get in at 5:30 but everything was late out of O'Hare yesterday. The flight was awful. I was on a plane with about forty female presbyterian children's ministers (who were singing and clapping and holding hands and praying) and two loud hoosiers from Wichita (who kept making stupid coments about the Cardinals). The plane landed twenty minutes late, but then we sat on the tarmac for another twenty minutes waiting for a gate. My luggage arrived ahead of me, and when my mom tried to rescue it from the rotating conveyor belt thingy the security guy got snippy with her. Mom let me drive her car to make up for the bad flight so the trip wasn't a total wash.
We went to meet up with Dad and Matt at Cicero's, but of course we were so late that Matt had to go straight to work. We ended up eating at Blueberry Hill, so I got to see some of my friends last night. I didn't realize how much I would miss you stinky people.
I went out to breakfast with Shawna, Boo Boo and Matt this morning, then I came home and opened up all the boxes I sent back from New York and San Francisco. Yay! My books arrived fine, all the comics got here safely, the treasures are in one piece!! I'm going to see Helen and Alan's circus performance at four. I'll put up photos.


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