Monday, March 14, 2005


It's really rare for me to be on the receiving end of Sunday brunch. I was today. I went to MoKaBe's with Clancy. We feasted and talked to the newly married J.J. and drank a ton of coffee. I agreed for some reason to play kickball with Zack and Katie on their tower grove park kickball league team. I must admit I was a disappointment. I sucked at kickball in grade school and I'm worse now. Clancy and I went grocery shopping, made chili, ate dinner and then had a spa evening. We gave Zack's hair a hot oil treatment, all three of us had facials, and then we ate girl scout cookies and watched dvds of Firefly, which I could quite possibly become addicted to, ala my little "Buffy" problem. I'm back at work tomorrow, double shift. I hope the new Megatokyo comic is posted before I have to go in to Blueberry Hill. I need a laptop. It would make my life much easier. I could just pop into the Bread Co and wifi myself to webcomics-reading bliss. yar.


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