Tuesday, March 29, 2005

what is going on here?

For some reason the last post I put on this page has shown up three times. I've tried to remove the two extras but they won't come off. I'm vey frustrated. And Matt has done something evil to my ipod and now it's completely blank and won't reload. It won't even cooperate with itunes and makes itunes so upset that it shuts down whenever the ipod gets near the computer. I am not having a good day with the electronic components in my life. If my cellphone stops working I'm just going to give up, move to southern Missouri and open up the first falafel stand on the Black River and spend my spare time in a canoe. I really mean it.


Blogger shawna shaqueena shanene shaniqua said...

ooh, falafel, canoes, black river? sign me up!!!

8:41 AM  

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