Thursday, May 12, 2005

the tiger is here.

I weeded the garden and did some laundry today, then took Naomi and Hazel to the park. We watched the neighborhood tweens double dutch like windup grasshoppers in matching khaki pants all afternoon. Made sweet potato curry and green beans with basmati rice when I got back inside, sweating like a maniac even thought it barely cracked eighty.
Sweet little Drew came over and made the computer happy. Maguro is running 10.4 Tiger and we couldn't be prouder. Drew also reformatted Haruko so she plays nicely with Maguro. I heart new OS!!! I heart Drew!! I am becoming an enormous geek!!
On that note, Shawna and Tara dropped by on their way to the City Museum for a quick bite (I made a lot of curry) and we bought tickets to go see Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith at midnight next Wednesday. Hooray!!!
Now I think I'll hook up the new printer/scanner/copier that Mom and Dad got us for an anniversary pressent which Matt is, at this pressent moment, unpacking. He thinks "it looks like the bad guys in the Matrix movie, floating shrimpy looking guys that electrocute everything... sentries, that's what they're called!" He's popping bubblewrap right now. I win the geek contest, try as he might, in all categories but beer.


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