Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Day

I started this year off at home. I don't really do New Year's Eve. We usually have a brunch at our house, but this year, Duff's was open. I worked this morning and about half of my tables were friends. I saw Gabe Gretchen, Paul, Jaxon, Carolyn, Nikki, Nina, Joey, Charles, Linda and Christine. I made great money and then I went to John and Jenna's to watch Star Wars. I made it thru two and a half movies (I came in in the middle of episode 2 and left after episode 4) before I had to split. I saw Matt James and Lizz, Helen and Chris, I got to finally meet Teegan Connely. Kerry, Erica, Anchovy, Matt and Allison Rabbitt, Riz and Justin were all there. We ate pizza and had a good time. But then I got to missin my boy and I just had to come home. So here I am, back in Fox Park, with a bookcase to assemble and a double shift tomorrow. Twelve days til New Orleans and I have so many things to do. this year is gonna be great.


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