Wednesday, December 14, 2005

one finished sock

one finished sock
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Kate's first sock is done. I cast on for the second one immediately, as everyone recomends. Please excuse the unvaccuumed carpet below this sock.
Rollerderby is moving right along. We had a meeting Sunday night of the fundraising committee, and plans were made. I can't say much more, things are still in the works.
Yesterday was fairly unproductive, I went to the grocery store with Jill and the boys. We came back to my house afterwards and just hung out for a while. I made some potato leek soup while Miles had a nap and Jasper sat on the floor banging on my pots with a wooden spoon. Jill learned how to find pictures using google and downloaded a bunch for her Christmas cookbook.
Gabe came over in the evening and I taught him how to knit. He picked it up very fast, and with very little complaining.
Today I took Matt in to work in the morning and picked up Gabe. Tashia came over for a quick computer tutorial and then Gabe went with me to the yarn store. He informed me, as I was buying needles and sock yarn, that he wanted to use his new-found skills to make a scarf for his girlfriend for Christmas. He bought yarn. Good yarn. I was so proud. He is currently sitting at my kitchen table, with wool and needles, contemplating gauge. I have converted the biscuit! I am victorious!
Skating practice tonight, oh boy.


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