Friday, June 09, 2006

back by popular demand

This whole "week in review" thing is going over big. I wish I could post more frequently, but my faithful (read: insane) readers like the big long photo-packed weekly posts. I have to give my public what they demand. (Is this whole "Media Darling/Rollerderby Queen" thing going to my head? Maybe just a little?)

Sunday I was off brunch so I went to eat at the boathouse with Toni and Helen. Helen had "a cup of Rosie Lee" and pancakes. "Rosie Lee" is cockney rhyming slang for tea, something Helen picked up from her Auntie Karen while she was in England. I went to Shawna's bridal shower in the afternoon.
It was a sweet shower, Stacey, Cindy and Sharlee did a really nice job of spoiling Shawna without making it seem too cutesy. I love that those Climer/Ramey women always bring their kids with them. I have been to too many upity "leave the kids at home" showers recently, and I like that the nieces and nephews are always about. I can see where Shawna gets her strong sense of family from. She is lucky.
Monday I went to work. After work I snuck out to see Jill and the boys. We talked for a long time about what's been happening, how she's doing and planned the trip for next week. Our agenda is full, but I think we will be able to sneak in some fun time. I'm really proud of her, how well she's coping and of how strong she is.
Tuesday was Shawna and Joe get married day. I went to the flower market with Huda and Tara at 7am. We picked out some amazing roses and beautiful lilies for her bouquet, and about ten billion wildflowers for the centerpieces. I was really pleased with the way the flowers turned out.
The wedding was in Tower Grove park, at the pond by the ruins around 4pm. Shawna looked beautiful in a simple cream colored dress. Joe actually wore long pants. They both looked so happy. My Dad performed the ceremony, it was short and sweet and Sam and Nickel bore the rings. We then proceeded to the pavilion for barbecue, lasagne and cake. It was a chill, laidback reception, totally suited to Joe and Shawna's personalities. Rizalia, who spent most of the afternoon holding every baby she could find (not too difficult, considering that there were probably about fifteen babies in attendance) made the most beautiful vegan devil's food cake with rolled fondant icing. In my opinion, this is the prettiest wedding cake in the history of the world. Riz is an artist. Her are a few gratuitous wedding type photos, which I managed to take before I snuck out early and went to bed.
Amazing cake by Rizalia Sappington. Contact me if you'd like Riz to make you a pretty pretty cake. I'll pass on the info, but be warned, she's in high demand. Shawna and Joe, our bride and groom, bride's bouquet by yours truly, groom's pant hemming (not in picture) by yours truly.
The rest of the week was spent cleaning the house, washing the clothes and going to meetings for the 48 hour film project, which I am participating in this year with my pals Winnie and Sam, and about thirty other people I don't know. I'm really excited to get to be a part of this project. Winnie and Carson made an hilarious movie last year called "A Fire Set On Fire" and when I went to the screening I knew I had to get in on the fun. I'm the official props master, the assistant costumer and I'm also some sort of typing assistant to Winnie, who is the cinematographer. He made me download a screenwriting program and everything. What I am really looking forward to is working with Michael, Winnie's brother. He's the head costumer. I've always liked him, and now we get to spend 48 hours playing dress-up with a bunch of strangers together. Oh My God, this is gonna be so much fun! I promise lots of details, if and when I get any down time.
Actually, Carson and Winnie are at Webster University right now choosing the category for our film. I'm killing time until about eight, when they get back to the studio. I think I'm going to get some carry-out Vietnamese food from Lemongrass and chill til the call comes.


Anonymous caseyyyyyyyyyyyy said...

have fun w/ the 48hr thingy, i'll miss you next week!


10:58 AM  
Blogger The Girl in Black said...

Wow! That really is a beautiful cake!

The wedding sounds like a beautiful affair. Good luck to them!

3:12 PM  
Blogger CK said...

I'm trying to plan a wedding in tower grove park. Which pavilion did they use? Do you have any photos of the centerpieces of wildflowers?

3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i had no idea my cake was famous, it's funny seeing it from a different perspective

5:04 PM  

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