Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yesterday's sock progress

While basking in my newfound fame and glory I forgot to post the sock progress from yesterday. Here we go, Annie's Ti"grr"sox, first one finished. I have not cast on for the second one, because now that I am a citywide media darling and all around famous person, second sock syndrome will not touch me. Seriously, the RFT article was great, Julie did a great job, we all look amazing and I can't wait for practice tonight.
This is great for our league and I only hope I don't come off as an attention hog. I don't think I do, since she talked to a bunch of different girls, took some things verbatim from Joanie Rollmoan's blog, and there is a picture of most of the girls in the league. Toni is possibly more excited than I am, but she has a fetish for celebrity. Here is Joe, at the Square One Brewery last night, after dinner, playing puppet show with Annie's sock. Boys.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that looks fun. wish i coulda made it but chesterboogie is a ways away.

6:45 PM  

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