Monday, May 22, 2006

Finally finished, only to begin again...

... with the sock knitting of course! Quick post before I leave for work, here are Rachel's finished purple opal ankle socks. Details later lest I be late, and Annie's Ti"grr"socks, first black heel started, hopefully flapped and turned by tonight. Off to waitress land now.


Blogger laughing_skwid said...

hi sarah-kate!
i don't have your email address, so i thought this would be good a place as any to leave you a message! i know you love knitting, and i'm sure you already know about the rock-n-roll craft show 2 coming up on june 3rd + 4th (i left flyers at practice last tuesday) --in the unlikely event that you don't, check it out:
...also, i have a new FAVORITE website, that i thought only you would properly appreciate (which you probably also already know about)
...lots of knitting fools there!! and these cute little dolls: it's back to checking out all the crafty crafters for the rest of my lunch!!
oxoo.liz aka "Rory Killmore"

1:33 PM  

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