Thursday, June 15, 2006

In the sticks

I am at the only Starbuck's in Virginia. I am paying some outrageous amount of money to write this post and check my email. I have very little time. I will get caught up when I get back home to St. Louis on Saturday night or Sunday. So far I have gone swimming twice, seen a live crab and a dead deer, picked berries, gotten sunburnt, been called "honneh" twice, changed seventy-thousand diapers and driven across fourteen bridges. I am staying with Caroline, who is a sweet girl with a penchant for blueberries and an extensive library. She lives with an Australian Shepard named Annabelle Lee and is a student of French. We are getting on famously. Jill and the boys are fine, and I FINALLY turned the heel on Annie's second tiger sock. Oops. Bye.


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