Monday, June 26, 2006

A tragedy averted

Well well knitting enthusiasts, look what we have here! Annie's Ti"grr" Sox, completed and ready to go. Aren't they cute? Aren't they perfect? Wait, no! They aren't! Can you see that tiny, little, oops I mean ENORMOUS GAPING HOLE right on the bottom of one of them? Hmm, it appears to be right at the join.
Poop. It seems your favorite knitter did a lousy job of weaving in the ends here, and the socks started to unravel before Annie ever got a chance to see them, let alone wear them. I simply cannot deal with that level of poor sistering, so I had to bite the bullet and fix the problem. Well, ye of weak stomachs, read no further. Thar be grafting ahead! First I had to pick up the dropped stitches and get everything back in line. This took a while and all of my concentration. My brother-in-law Zach was sitting at the kitchen table with me while I did this and can attest to the fact that I was giving myself a little pep talk the entire time. I had to keep the pep talk thing going, because I was so terrified that I would totally wreck these and Annie would never let me knit for her again. I kept telling myself "it's just like closing a toe, just a toe," and of course, it turned out fine. It's not perfect, but the job is done, and I wove the ends in extra long this time around.I really loved making this pair of socks. I have to send out thanks to Rachel for selling me her leftovers at the Knitorous "Stash Reduction Event." I sent them off in the mail today. I hope she gets them soon and I really hope she likes them. I'm already half done with another pair of socks already, but these are for a swap, so no pictures for now. I'll just leave you with one final photo of Annie's tiger sox, blocking in the sun on my back porch.


Anonymous liz deiermann said...

i've seen the term "blocking" in your previous blogs...i know nothing about knitting (although i hope to learn how soon)--so was hoping you could tell me what "blocking" is without any fancy knitting jargon... thanks!
oxoo.liz aka rory killmore

9:27 AM  
Blogger sarahkate said...

Blocking is when you wash something and then lay it flat in the correct shape and let it dry that way. It is the final step in making a knitted garment. Blocking is important because yarn can change its mind about what it actually wants to look like while you are knitting. Blocking helps gently coax the yarn into the shape that you, as the knitter, feel it is best suited for. In sock knitting, blocking can correct little imperfections and make socks actually resemble a pair, as opposed to two completely unrelated monstroscities.

4:42 PM  

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