Thursday, August 03, 2006

Too hot. Too sleepy.

I haven't really been sleeping well lately. I'm running on average of about four to six hours a night. I try to get in a nap when I can, but in the middle of the day it is too hot to nap for more than twenty minutes. We got our electric bill yesterday, and it's sixty dollars more than last month's. I have no idea how this happened, since we have been making huge efforts to cut back on our energy consumption. I keep thinking of my dad turning off all the lights in the house and yelling "What do you think this is, Six Flags?" whenever we left the whole place lit up. Heh. It's funny what you remember.
The heat hasn't ruined the garden, in fact, it is high tomato season. I'm pulling about 10 Romas and two or three of the heirloom varieties out per day. Mattie and I have been feasting on tomato salad and yesterday I made salsa.
The heat has, however, ruined my knitting. The last things I worked on, yarnwise, were Julie's birthday socks. I sent them off a week ago. She recieved them and like them and I hope that once sock weather returns, she'll want to wear them. I cannot bring myself to cast on another pair, even a baby pair for Jackson.
Oh, wait, did you want to see a picture of Jackson? Okay. Here he is with his lovely mom, Aaron Maye. I must say, he is the cutest baby I have ever seen, and I consider myself a baby connisseure. He has the best toes ever.


Anonymous aaronmaye said...

he looks so unaware of the blogging going on around him.....

8:01 PM  

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