Monday, January 07, 2008

Working on the resolutions

Okay, knitting news. Sorry for lack of pictures. In the post holiday mess, I cannot locate my camera. Mom's coming over tomorrow and I'll snag her camera and shoot some pictures then. Here's what's up:
I finished knitting and sewing in the ends of the first of Matt's Knucks tonight. I'm using cascade 220, I lost the label, but the yarn is a lovely charcoal color that is so guy-friendly its kinda scary. The embroidery will feature my hubby's last name, which has eight letters and will fit nicely. I was going to make these gloves for him for Christmas, but he found out and spoiled the surprise, so he gets them just in time for the 73 degree weather we had today. Hurrah for global warming.
I also am about halfway finished with the second of Kate's fingerless gloves. These are the fancy gloves I am making to match her fancy hat she got for Christmas. (They are fingerless and have no pattern, I just knit in the round, then leave a hole for the thumb.) I didn't give them to her then because I want them slightly felted. I also wanted there to be two of them.
I'm up to the heel on the second of Toni's socks. I'm done with the back of Sprout's toxic sweater. I'm up to the heel on the second of Sprout's purple socks. I haven't touched Lizard Ridge .
Saturday was the Arch Rival Rollergirls vs. Windy City Rollers derby bout. We lost, but by a much small margin than last time. Our skaters were super tough and awesome. We sold out of tickets and filled the joint. And I am officially retired from the league. Yep, It's true, I am no longer announcer for the league. I'm completely out of it. I'm a little bit sad, but I am really looking forward to being a fan. The new season starts on March 22nd, and I plan to be there in the crowd, cheering and hanging out talking derby with Toni and Helcat.
Sprout is 9 months old now. I can't believe how quickly he's grown. He can crawl backwards, say "Hi" and sleep for seven hours straight. The latter isn't something he does often, but he is capable.
Okay, I'm going to watch Stephen Colbert before bed. I'm curious to see how he does without his crack team of witty writers behind his little tele-prompter. Who am I kidding, Stevie will be fine.


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