Tuesday, February 22, 2005


today was full. I spent several hours and a large portion of my dinero in the strand bookstore this morning. I could have stayed there all day. Kate called me at one point from uptown to see what I was doing and our conversation went like this:
Kate: Hey skate. It's me.
Moi: Mmmm.
Kate: So I finished my meeting. Where are you?
Me: Heaven.
Kate: Still at The Strand, huh?
Io: Mmmm.
Kate: I'll just meet you there, okay?
Mio: Mmmm.
Kate came and got me, but not before I'd dropped a ridiculous amount of cashola. After a quick detour to Forbidden Planet (too many figurines, not enuff manga), we went to central park to walk around looking at the much anticipated installation. Seeing The Gates in the snow changed the whole experience for me. I think it gave me more of an idea of what the artists intended it to be. Blah de blah, I'm so deep and full of shit. Almost all the pictures I took were with the new camera, so you all will have to wait a couple days before I post them. Once I get to San Francisco there will be a whole new barrage of pictures. Oi. We met up with jeremy parker as he was getting off work and then promptly went to brooklyn for drinks. Then we went to this amazing little pizzaria called The Brick Oven which is owned by this guy named Kenny who knows Nikki and Charles from when they first moved to Williamsburg and we had awesome food. I had the pizza tartuffo bianco. Yeah baby. Then we went to see Charles' friend Mike Waxler or Wexler play. He does this sort of folk-rock thing, but with the sweetest soulful vocals. And I drank tons of red wine. My plane leaves at 9am so I need to sleep. Look for more tomorrow.


Blogger lildiana said...

ahhh...miss sk8, how i miss you and how much cooler your life is than mine. okay - i'm jealous. but i'm sooo happy for you and i love the blog and pictures and stuff. your soup (or kate's) makes me hungry!

2:42 AM  
Blogger mattie_t said...

Hey lovely. It's the huzz-bind.
I just watched a slide show of all the pictures you posted on flikr. Some priceless shit there.
It's very early here; perhaps we're getting on the same sleeping schedules for once now that we're hundreds of miles apart. I imagine you on the move somewhere, or maybe just snoozing, with an alarm poised to bring you back in time to fly off somewhere new. I love thinking of where you are and getting these daily updates. It's as close as we can get to traveling together right now.
I love you! Talk to you soon.

6:16 AM  
Blogger mattie_t said...


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