Monday, April 25, 2005

I blame Shawna.

Shawna came to brunch with news.
"I have a growler of raspberry hefewiezen with your name on it."
So I told her to come on over tonight.
Then Kate came in for brunch with Paul and Glenna. I said "Shawna's coming over with some raspberry hefe. Let's hang out tonight." Kate agreed that it would be a good thing.
Shawna brought Molly and Rizalia and gave directions to Tara. We sat on the back porch and reminisced about our misspent youths. The Biscuits put in an appearance. Rizalia threw together an amazing meal from the mess of stuff I had in my kitchen. We did some damage to the beer collection and were very boisterious on the back porch. I forgot until just now that I have to work a double tomorrow. Kate made off with a good chunk of my comix collection.
I think we'll do it again next Sunday.


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