Saturday, April 23, 2005

just how cold is it supposed to get?

I'm worried bout the vegetables in the garden. It might freeze tonight and I'm afraid the plants I put in the garden will die. I asked my dad for suggestions on what to do about this. He told me to cover them, so I took all the jars and plastic cups and a few drinking glasses and covered away. My garden looks like a recycling bin right now, but I'm hoping everything will survive the night. I brought all the potted plants into the kitchen and dragged the seedlings that are still in the flats into the basement. I'm crossing my fingers.
Carl, my father-in-law, laid the subfloor for the upstairs bathroom today. He gave Matt and I instructions to take down the drywall that Dean put up and to pull out the ceiling as soon as possible. We'll probably do it tomorrow when I get home from work. I'm going to post some pictures of the bathroom wallpaper tomorrow because you've gotta see this stuff. It is unbelievably cool. I wish there was some way to preserve it, but it is just too stained and damaged.
I'm going to crash out in just a few minutes. I finished the seaming on Drew's present tonight and started the embroidery. I hope it doesn't look too cheesy. I hope he likes it.
Just one more thing. I started a new book today, The Twentieth Wife, by Indu Sundaresan. I'm off Aurthian Legend for a bit, I need time to absorb before I crack open my highschool copy of Mallory for some serious catchup. I'm also reading A Brief History of Time by Dr. Stephen Hawking, so I thought a nice novel was just what I needed to distract me from the things I really should be doing. It's working. I didn't finish the laundry and I don't really care.


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