Thursday, April 21, 2005

early to bed...

I had a very productive day, considering the ammount of beer I consumed last night. I washed and dried all the feather comforters, which is a little bit like wrestling a two-hundred pound octopus. Amy dropped Naomi off around noon and she ate lunch then went to bed. While she slept I turned over a 4x8 plot of the yard and mixed in some potting soil and compost. I have some cherry tomato seedlings that Clara gave me and Matt and I went out to get more vegetables. We got some heirloom tomatoes called big boys and two roma plants. I also bought sweet red bell peppers, bib and romaine lettuces, string beans, broccoli, oregano, rosemary and four kinds of basil. I'm going to pot the herbs tomorrow and put the vegetables in the ground. I'm a little worried about the weather, because it's supposed to get cold tomorrow night. I don't think it will freeze, but mostly I'm crossing my fingers. My father-in-law is coming over to lay the subfloor in the upstairs bathroom tomorrow morning. I'll put up pictures as soon as I have some. I'm going to bed now.


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