Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's been a week!!??!!

I guess I've been busy, because I just noticed how long it's been since I've posted on the blog. I've been working a lot and trying to get caught up on a bunch of projects.
Matt and I got the taxes done today (finally!) and I have to say that our tax guy, Bill Brush, has the coolest office ever. It's on Cherokee Street, and is just this unobtrusive little storefront, but once you're inside... wow! It's just one big room, with a 14 foot tin ceiling painted white. Hanging from said ceiling in an enormous, dusty stuffed vulture with a wingspan of about seven feet. There are old mismatched file cabinets, dressers, bookshelves, hutches, desks and tables packed into the space and assorted electronics equipment covers every surface. On top of all the VCRs, hard drives, CD players, fax machines, printers, copiers, and stereo equipment there is an enormous collection of stuffed creatures (of the taxidermy variety, not the plush variety), a fancy glass barometer with the little globes of different colored liquid inside, one of those little bird-things that drinks from a cup when you tip it, several dishes of hard candy, two or three little light up desktop fountains and tons of papers, books, files and forms. One entire wall is covered with framed mounted butterflies of every size and shape, and Mr. Brush knows where everything is. Nothing's dirty or dusty, just enormously cluttered. Matt went to school with Mr. Brush's kids, and he says their house is the same way. Totally awesome. If I ever have an office I want it to look just like his. Too bad we ended up owing as much to the feds this year as we got back last year. Suckage.
Well, good news now. I got my iPod back up and running today. Unfortunatley the guys at the Apple Store couldn't figure out what had caused it to wipe, and had to reset it to the factory settings, which means they were unable to restore all my files. I'm gonna have to take it to Jared and get my music back.
We have a new addition to our desktop family. Maguro (my iMac) has a new little sister! No folks, she's not the iBook I've been coveting, but a 160GB firewire hard drive. She is little and silver and is currently storing all my photos. See, Maguro (named after the dark purple sushi) was getting stomachaches because her startup disk was almost full. Matt and I recently upgraded her memory and realized that we needed additional storage. I've been a little too camera-happy these past few months and all the pictures were taking up way too much space. So we have added Haruko to the mix. She stepped right up to the plate and took over for Maguro, who is feeling much better now. Maybe I'll put a picture of her up once I get her sweater knitted. Yes, I am knitting a sweater for my external hard drive. Yes, I am a bit crazy. Here's my explination. At some point yesterday I refered to gigabytes as gilabytes. As in gila monster. Matt thought this was especially funny. So I said I was going to knit the hard drive a little lizzard sweater. Again Matt was in stitches. Now I have to do it. I already have made a TV cozy, and a cellphone cozy, so this is not an unusual project for me.
This evening I went out for pizza with Jill, Sara and the boys, then we went back to Casa del Humphries and watched a Bollywood musical called Koyla. All I have to say is intoxicated children dance numbers rule. chicka chicka bum bali bum chicka bum bali. oh yeah. Even Miles was getting into it.


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