Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Spent the day with the godsons while Jill and Sara Jane got their hair done. (both look fabulous, and quite fancy) Jasper is such a sweet little guy, all wiggly and drooly. Miles is a spitfire, with so much to say and so anxious to try everything. I was supposed to go see the Gore Gore Girls and The Vultures at the way out club, but I am exhausted after work tonight, and after spending the day with a two-and-a-half-year-old and a six-month-old baby. I don't know how Jill does it. I could barely keep up with them for an afternoon.
I think I'm getting obsessed with Arthurian Ledgends. I've been reading Mary Stewart's Merlin trilogy, and I looked up a bunch of books that I want to check out of the library. I think this might be a good thing, since I haven't really had a purpose in my reading lately, just jumping from subject to subject and plotzing thru the usual new fiction and books about books. ( the most recent of which is Nicholas Basbanes' "Among the Gently Mad") I think it's high time I got a bug up my ass about something or other. The last kick I went on was the whole history of Venice before the surgery, and that was mid-November.
I'm off work tomorrow, and I have to take Matt to get his brakes fixed and run about forty thousand errands. Jill and I are planning a sushi dinner for tomorrow night. I hope it works out. I need unagi.


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