Friday, May 13, 2005

morning garden in the sun

morning garden in the sun
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I took this photo with my coffee in one hand on the porch about an hour ago. It never ceases to amaze me, the speed with which vegetables grow from fragile, delicate fluffy little sprouts into gangly flowering recognizable edibles. The broccoli in particular makes my mouth water.
My chaotic weekend is about to begin. Mom's picking Annie (my sister) up from the airport as I write this. I'm waiting for Matt to get out of the shower so I can hop in. He's going to his youngest brother's graduation today. I have to meet Katie Clancy to drop off the lawnchairs for her big internship-culminating photo shoot, then go shopping with my sister (much more stressful than it sounds, sorry Annie), We have a wedding to attend tonight at 6pm and the reception after that. Tomorrow I have to make my sister's birthday cake, do more shopping and go to two birthday parties. Matt has to work the Mangia booth at Soulard at the crack of dawn, attend a Metropolis event with Bill in the afternoon and then he has to work at Blueberry again. Sunday we have brunch with the family and then back to work for me in the p.m.
As I was writing all this down I realized that I should quit bitching because this weekend is going to be so amazingly fun my head might pop off!!!
I hope Annie has fun, I have so many fun things planned for her party!!
Anyway, time to wash.


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