Saturday, August 13, 2005


I worked all day for bupkis. Bupkis, I tell you. All rain and mugginess forces the folks into air conditioning. No money for Skatie.
Today the post office returned half of my mortgage check and half of the envelope I sent it in to me in a plastic bag-like envelope. Apparently the fools mangaled my mail and now my mortgage payment will be late for the first time in three years. I plan to call the company on Monday and let them know this is not my fault, but I'm sure they won't believe me. Some people make late payments and ruin it for everyone else.
I got the yarn for Jessica's shrug from the UPS guy today. The post office folks should really take a leaf out of their book. Those UPS guys know what they're doing. Never got a single mangled package from them, no siree bob.
Drew's CD is still stuck in my computer and I cannot load my new Flogging Molly CDs onto my iPod.
I guess it's just not my day.


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