Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Major Computer Problems

That's right folks, we are suffering from MCP at the southside petting zoo. Every time I turn the computer on it tricks me. All seems normal on the homefront, no problems, let's get connected to the internet right away! Okay, here we go... need to check you bank balance? No problem! Need to answer those e-mails? Go right ahead! New Megatokyo up? Let's flit right over and read it! Time to check in on the Yarn Harlot? We're on our way... wait, let me spin this little pinwheel for a minute... or an hour, or let's just freeze everything and destroy your life! Yay! Fun! NOT.
Matt asked the charming and talented Drew to come over and see what he could do, but our Drew is quite busy this week. I went to the library to use the computers there, but the wait was forty-five minutes. It has been so hot out that everyone in the entire city of St. Louis is hanging out at the libraries. (I went to three, all had a wait for the computers and a ton of folks just lounging around reading magazines)I am thrilled that the sticky weather is enticing people to read more, but dammit, I have affairs to conduct!
I have a bunch of pictures to upload from this past weekend. The Potter Party in the West End was a lot of fun. The special menu Duff's had was a gas, the costumes were cute and the staff at Left Bank Books was so efficient I only had to wait about twenty minutes in line to get my copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
Matt was right. I did read it all in one sitting, and paid for it the rest of the weekend. I got about two hours of sleep between Friday night and Saturday morning. Work was really lousy on Saturday, I had a split double with Adam's graduation party inbetween shifts. My In-Laws' new patio is quite lovely though.
Sunday Brunch was slow due to the heat, and after work I came home and slept for 14 hours.
I did a double on Monday, went to see how Toni's rental unit rehab is going (Dean did an awesome job on the floors) and then went back to Duff's for a wine class. Matt tagged along for that, and a very informative two hours later we were slightly disappointed that we did not get to taste even one drop of wine. Oh well, the class was fun, and I learned more about the grapes of France then I ever would have on my own. I'm not a big wine fan anyway.
I'll post pictures of the Potter Party when Maguro is in a better mood.(Maguro is my iMac, for those who do not know.)


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