Wednesday, July 27, 2005

fatal error

The Major Computer Problem has been identified. We have a fatal error in our hard drive and it will have to be replaced. Fortunately, Drew was able to discern this problem fairly quickly and we can fix it. We just need to get a new hard drive. It's only going to cost us about fifty bucks and dinner for Drew. Did I mention how much I love Drew? So now I just have to hold my breath every time I turn the computer on. This could be the time it completely crashes. I have everything of importance backed up on Haruko the external hard drive, but just knowing that a freeze-up may be coming is scary.
We finally got some rain tonight, which is good news for my tomato crop. The plants were looking a bit droopy. I oly hope the weather stays relatively cool, as I am sick to death of temperatures upwards of 95 degrees and heat indeces in excess of 110. Yetch, I hate summer in St. Louis. That is a lie, I love summer, I just hate the heat.


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