Saturday, January 07, 2006

Soulard on Saturday

Soulard on Saturday
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I went to breakfast with Toni. She had to run down to Soulard Market for apples. I love going to the market, mostly just to look at everything and everyone. Soulard attracts people from all over the St. Louis area, people from all different backgrounds and ethnic groups. It is also the only place I know of where you can but goat meat, or freshly trapped racoons and squirrels, local honey, ten apples for a dollar and a plastic cup of Busch Lite to enjoy while you shop. I took pictures and bought acorn squash.
We stopped by an open house on the way home and decided that "gut rehab" is not for us, although we liked the idea of an upstairs laundry room. I came home to knit and make a flyer for the roller derby benefit show. I'm just not feeling the verbosity today, but I must blog. Sorry.


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