Monday, February 27, 2006

I usually miss Sunday and Monday anyway, right?

I just realized that I didn't post anything about the Thursday ARRG benefit at the HiPointe. It went really well, and I forgot my camera, so I had no pictures to post. That may be why I didn't.
I've been kinda out of it this weekend, what with the Mardi Gras and all. Duff's was packed yesterday, and I crashed hard after work. No skating for me. I took the cut this morning, came home and took a nice nap with my boy.
I really need to get back on wheels because I am all stiff and sore in the legs today. I can't go to practice tomorrow night because of the BbH staff meeting conflict. I was planning on going to Rollercade early with Em and Susan, but I promised Annabelle I would come see her school Black History Month play, and I don't break promises to kids, so I'm going. I actually am kind of excited. I promise to take pictures of this event, and entertain all (three) of you with a lesson from the St. Louis Public School System on Black History.


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