Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Self Portrait Tuesday

Cranky, with hat
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Did you ever have one of those days that started out just fine and slowly descended into absolute chaos? I mean absolute chaos here, not just the regular kind of chaos.
Mom came over today to give us presents and to take the husband and I out to lunch for our anniversary, which is tomorrow. Mom is very nice and we love her to bits.
We went to Iron Barley. We were joined by Toni. We ate great food and had the Ballistic Elvis Sammiche for dessert. We were happily surprised when we saw Chris and Terry and Schroeder, who were also lunching at my favorite south side yummery. All was well and good with the world.
After lunch, Matt and I went our separate ways to take care of assorted errands. This is where the trouble started.
The mean guy at the recycling center decided to close early and wouldn't let me in to dump off my bottles and cans. This is no big deal, as I can come back tomorrow, but now I have a car full of garbage to haul around. And the guy was really snippy with me.
Matt went to Rosemary's to pick up the dog, and the battery in his car died. We left it in U. City and called Matt's youngest brother to see of we could borrow his car, (which is actually Matt's mom's car and she already said we could) and he got all snarky with us. Snippy and snarky people abounding.
We got the car and Matt went to work the door at rollerderby practice. I was at home answering my email and getting ready for the staff meeting at Blueberry Hill when I realized (thanks Emily) I had the date of the meeting wrong.
Hurray! I can go to practice, right?
I just went outside and my car won't start.
I think the battery is dead.
I quit. I'm going to bed. Tomorrow Matt and I will spend our anniversary buying two car batteries and emptying my car of garbage. It's nice to know the romance doesn't go away after three years.


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