Thursday, February 09, 2006

New equipment makes me happy.

I put bunny stickers on it
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Here I am in my new rollerderby helmet. It fits perfectly. Apparently, I have a tiny head. This is a revelation to me. I had such huge dreadlocks for so many years and had to wear enormous hats forever, and now that the hair is gone I am back to actual size headgear.
I am so in love with this helmet. I wore it all day in the house. I put little black and white bunny stickers from a Japanese Loli-Goth magazine on it.
I am not so much in love with my mouthguard. I need to buy a new one because contrary to popular belief, I have a small mouth. I know my folks would want me to protect their investment (I was in braces for two and a half years), so I'm gonna get one of those fancy molded ones. Margaret and Lyndsay both like theirs.
Practice was good tonight. I stretched and skated for about half an hour, but I sat it out when I started to get winded. I want to be completely recovered from the recent plague before I get out there and give it my all. We have so many Rollerderby related events coming up this week, I don't want to over do it. I'm still taking it easy.


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