Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Current knitting

current knitting
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For those who are interested, here's the update on my knitting exploits. I'm halfway finished with the third pair of baby socks, and I started a pair of grown-up socks today as well. (grown-up socks on the left, baby socks on the right, Manos x-mas yarn from Dan in the middle) I was getting too squinty working on those tiny size 0 needles that I decided to switch to some big socks, to give my eyes a rest. I also wanted to use up some of that cool sockotta yarn I had laying around. I've made one other pair with this stuff and I like it. I'm usually happy with the self-patterning stuff. It makes me look good to the non-knitting world, and it knits up quick.
The black and manos thing on the dpns in front is the second inside-out hat. You may recall the big blue and rainbow striped inside-out hat that I made when I was sick. My love it for its insanity is still strong, but I wanted a more "formal" version. Well a "formal" version of that hat is a strange concept, maybe "muted" is a better description of what I'm going for. We'll go with muted. The yarns in this one are debbie bliss cashmerino chunky and manos del Uruguay. The manos was a secret santa gift from my buddy Dan at work. I love love love this yarn. I'm happy with the debbie bliss stuff too. I've kinda paused this hat, since I've been in a socky mood lately.
I gave John Roman the socks I knit for baby Belly today. He really liked them. I hope all the other mommies and daddies like the baby socks I've been making. I don't see how anyone could resist them, they are so unbelievably adorable.


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