Monday, March 13, 2006

Derby embroidery and more knitting

On Sunday we had two guests at derby practice. The lovely and talented Miss Penny "It's my Birthday" Royalty and the famous and much missed Kate "Stinky" Strembicki. Kate borrowed my skates for practice, so I sat out and worked on the labeling of our derby-owned gear. Barb wanted me to mark the pads and helmets so that we know which ones we lend out and to make sure we get them back. I embroidered "ARRG" on all twelve pieces and painted "ARRG" on the helmets. Dana accused me of being a den mother. I hate to admit it, but that is an accurate assessment of what I did last night. I sat on the sidelines, watching my girls skate while I embroidered, knit and cheered them on. At least I got some progress done on the socks. Check it: I'm almost done with these. I really like the way this self-patterning stuff is knitting up. I know it's considered lazy to use this stuff, and that if I was really a hardcore sock knitter I'd just do fairisle socks, but I've only done stranded knitting once and I REALLY didn't enjoy it, as it was totally headache-inducing. I understand why people do fairisle, but not why they do it for socks. I guess it could make them warmer, but I don't like my socks too thick. I tend to layer my footwear, so thickness in socks can be a minus. When you are wearing tights, knee socks, anklets and legwarmers, you don't want to go with super-thick anything, unless it is January and fifty below. Okay, enough on sock theory. He's another close up of the pattern. Can you tell that I'm also really happy that I figured out how to post multiple photos in each post on the blog? I'm getting better at this. Prepare to be overwhelmed.


Anonymous shanghai lily said...

ok... how are you making that pattern with that yarn? fascinating. i am amazed with your knitting talents.
and here i was all excited at my knit 2, purl 2 scarf (hey - it's my second attempt ever at knitting). :)

don't worry about the den mother feeling. i get that title when i'm out with everyone drinking - "no, you don't need another drink... no, you don't need to have a shot..." etc etc. sometimes i fear people think i'm a party pooper.

8:57 AM  

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