Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Morning

Last night's ARRG league meeting went well. Mostly. It was half an hour shorter than last month's, but people still get frustrated at the end and I really don't appreciate the disrespect that is shown to the last two or three committee heads that speak. We only have these meetings once a month. We are trying hard to keep them tight and as short as possible, but at this juncture we have a ton of information to discuss, and we really need to stay focused. Some people need to just sit down and shut up and let the committees finish so we can all get out of there.
Okay. Done with that.
My garden is pumping out tomatoes like nobody's business, so all you STL knitbloggers, derby girls, and assorted geeks who read this, let me know if you want some Romas this week, and I'll deliver. The Marglobes and other heirlooms will be ready later in the month. I have okra and gypsy peppers in abundance too. Hooray for August heat, it brings such good vegetables.
Okay. Time to get ready for work.


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