Thursday, October 19, 2006

Grave Danger on Ebay!

Someday, we will all have fans like this, I hope.
Now go check outDanger's Autograph for sale on ebay.


Anonymous liz deiermann said...

(didn't know if it was better to send you stuff through here on your blog, or on sent it to both...sorry for the double)

hey grrrlie--
how's the pregnancy going? (i'm sure you're quite sick of that question by now) ...i finally did some research that i'd been meaning to do forever now, and found some places that will spin my cat hair into yarn...then i gotta learn how to knit so i can have a scarf/hat/socks/whatever, made from my kitty cat's fur... i've been saving all the fur from brushing her for almost 3 years now, so i have a ton of it!! i can't wait : ) ARRG still recruiting? i was hoping to come back to the league sometime in the near future... and what is the policy for returning girls? is it just like any newbie, starting over new?
PS--do you go to this ever? :

Every Saturday
Urban Knitters
Hartford Coffee Company, 3974 Hartford St.
Free, all ages, noon-3 p.m.,,
Are you a fan of the textile arts, that satisfying click of needles? Or have you just been wanting to find out more about knitting? This informal weekend gathering of knitwits is a great place to cast on — bring your latest project and knit with us!

11:08 AM  

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