Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tuesdays are for sharing!

Not feeling very photogenic today, so I hope this will stand in for the self-portrait.

I don't usually blog about my dreams because I think it is cheesy. This one was too weird, I had to share it.

(The Venice Cafe is a bar in the Lemp neighborhood of South St. Louis. The Venice is famous for its amazing mosaic tilework inside, which covers the floor, walls, ceilings and stairwells. The outdoor patio is a magical wonderland of sculpture, mosaic and fountains. One of my friends works there.)

I was at the Venice Cafe, but the Venice Cafe was a huge church, with only two walls still standing and a bunch of strange, hot pink plaster on the inside. The tile and fancy paintings were still there, but it was sort of half inside, half outside like a garden, but with three stories of wooden floors and big clawfoot bathtubs full of vegetation. The whole place was filled with painted furniture and people were sitting around drinking jasmine tea from tiny china cups and eating sugar cookies. (Neither of these things are available at the real Venice Cafe, as far as I know)
Anyway, I was there with my mom and some random lady gave me a spinning wheel. It was a huge, old wooden one with this intricate loop system that the spun yarn was fed onto before it went onto the bobbin. The yarn had to pass thru all these metal loops around the room before it was finished. I was practicing spinning wool and some other plant-based fiber onto the wheel and all of a sudden the fiber turned into huge swaths of cloth, used clothing, laces, ribbons, posters, and painted butcher paper. I had to hurry up and spin all of this stuff into yarn, but it kept getting stuck in the loops around the room. I tried to cut it into strips so it would fit, but I wasn't fast enough. Then it was morning and the bar was closing. Danger was supposed to kick us out but she wasn't around.
My mom told me that since I didn't finish spinning all the materials and paper that I couldn't keep the wheel. I was very bummed, so on my way out the door I set the church/Venice Cafe on fire. Mom was really mad, and refused to buy me any pastries.

I'm chalking this one up to pregnancy folks. There is no other explanation.


Blogger April said...

Are you kidding me, this is just the sort all mystical and knitty thing I imagine you dream about. Not that I imagine what you dream about...no...um...
All I ever get is alien/terrorist/zombie metropolis destruction. I much prefer this one, though not if it IS soley pregnancy induced.

10:20 AM  
Blogger sarahkate said...

okay, maybe it's not just pregnancy induced. And I get the zombie dreams too.

1:45 PM  

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