Friday, September 22, 2006

Matt's back.

My charming husband has returned from abroad. His jaunt to Ireland and Germany was fulfilling, in many ways, for both of us. He got to see his friend Colum, to visit the town his father's family is from, to drink beer at the biggest beer festival in the world, and to get wasted in Dublin and break his glasses. (it's not a real party til the specs get broke!)
I got some time by myself, time to spend with Jill after her triumphant return, and a stash of German sock yarn! Yay!
I realize exactly how lucky I am to have a husband who not only remembers that he has a pregnant, knitting wife at home, but braves the wild unknown territory of the German yarn shops to bring her gifts.
He shipped a box of yarn home (A BOX!) and it has not arrived yet, but I know it is coming. He brought on skein of soft soft burgundy wool with him, as a tease for me until the box (A BOX!) gets here.
When it arrives, I will post pictures. I love my Mattie. And not just cause he goes to German yarn stores for me. Just because he's Mattie. And because when he saw the camouflage diaper bag that my sister bought for him, he said, "This looks like a cool 'just a guy bag' that I would totally carry anyway."


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