Friday, October 27, 2006

St. Louis, home of sports champions

The St. Louis Cardinals won the world series tonight. This year it means more than it ever has before because we have christened our new stadium with a world championship victory.
The St. Louis Arch Rival Rollergirls were also victorious this week. Sunday we kicked the tar out of the Chi-Town Sirens travel team, "Chicago's Finest Rollergirls." This was our first bout against another league and we met the challenge and returned victorious. I hope these victories, baseball and derby both, set the scene for the future. I have no doubts that the St. Louis Cardinals will continue to deliver world class baseball for the next five hundred years. I can only hope that the ARRG will deliver satisfying derby too.
So that's the short post, look for pictures soon of the Chicago bout and my new knitting progress!


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