Sunday, November 12, 2006

The end of the begining

We had our final game of the season today, The Greatest Show on Wheels was a huge sucess. I haven't counted all the money or the ticket stubs yet, but we had at least as many people as at the last bout, and we sold $1200 worth of merchandise. Big thanks to "Mike" for plugging the belt buckles! I have a ton of stuff that was left at the bout in my car, so if you are missing something, let me know.
I'll have a full season recap up this week, including the Chicago victory and details from this bout. I was really pleased with All American Skate Mall this time around. Cory, who runs the bar upstairs convinced Rob, the rink owner, to let our fans bring their tasty beverages and snacks on the floor this time and I really think it made a huge difference with the crowd as well. I wish we could have had this option available at the last two bouts, but maybe next year.
I am so proud of our new recruits, they did an awesome job with the bout demo and the penalty demo.
So I'll post the info as soon as I have it, I have to go to bed now, my tipsy husband is eating bbq flavored pretzels so fast it's making me sick to watch him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you so much woman for making this past year so much better for me! (not so much for my arse though!)
i love you and mr tipsy and that sprout you have.

4:21 AM  

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