Friday, December 22, 2006

week in review

The Duff's party was Monday night. I came with Matt and left with Shawna. It was awesome to see everyone there, it was bittersweet too, with Ron absent. He is missed. Annie O. brought pictures from the last five or ten years and we all had a blast looking at them. I remember this time last year, J.J. and Aaron being pregnant, and now they both have HUGE babies. Sprout will be eight months old at the next Duff's party. My lasagne was a hit, Aaron liked the last minute recipe change, and she's the true judge of vegetarian lasagne.
Tuesday I had dinner at House of India with Shawna, Rizalia, Tara and Cindy. The curry craving is still the strongest one and I indulge myself as often as possible. Sweet V was very well behaved in the restaurant.
Wednesday I made cookies with Kate and Eldon. I made ten different kinds of holiday treats, four of them truffles. I love making truffles.
Yesterday morning I worked, we were busy. I ran by Knitorious to grab some cashmerino for a last minute gift, sorry Rachel if I seemed cranky, it was really good to see you, I'm just pregnant and flustered. Thanks for ordering the daffodil sock yarn. You are the best. Mom stopped by with the puggling to pick up the Italian cookies I got for her and to drop off some Christmas stuff. I took the Hel-Kat to practice, she skated her booty off and yelled at me for not starting a kids derby league yet. Anyone with little girls, say six to twelve, interested? I have about four.
I'm headed to the OB and Chiropractor now, double duty if you will.


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