Sunday, January 28, 2007

I'm still alive...

... but just barely.
We lost in Chicago, 74-11. Their blockers were amazing, the floor was atrociously slick,, our girls were tough and skated their hearts out. We'll get 'em next time. The rest of the weekend in Chicago with my sister was wonderful. I went out to eat, played with the pug and read a novel. Bliss.
I no longer have the pink eye. I have, however, managed to scratch my cornea. I still cannot see and tear up at any light stronger than ultra dim. My Opthamologist is really nice and helpful, but with the whole pregnant thing, he won't give me any antibiotics stronger than erythromycin or any painkillers at all. It hurts like, well, like a sharp stick to the eye. I feel really dumb and gross and look like something that should be hiding in a cave, crouched over and muttering about a "precious."
Alas, I have not been knitting. I missed knit night this week, but I plan to return next week. I have to order some more Noro for Lizard Ridge.
I left the house today, Matt and Zach and I went to see Adam (brother-in-law the youngest) in The Lion in Winter at the Kirkwood Theatre Guild. He was great, very regal, very loud. We were proud of him. It was one of the first out-of-the-house adventures for me in a long time. I rarely get out, what with the whole sensitivity to light thing.
Mostly I sleep. In fact, I think I'll get some sleep right now.

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Blogger Rachel said...

d00d! I hope your eye gets better. We ordered 7 new colors of Kureyon just for you (and everyone else working on Lizard Ridge!) They should be in soon.

6:27 AM  

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