Saturday, December 23, 2006

I guess I'm up for the day

I went to bed at midnight and I woke up an hour ago. The sprout was kicking me and I couldn't get black to sleep.
I ran all over the place yesterday. I had two doctor's appointments in west county. Both went very well, no ultrasound at the OB, but Sprout has a very strong heartbeat and is moving around like a crazy person. But we knew that, right? I always feel better after my Chiropractor appointments. The sprout likes them too, s/he kicks whenever I get adjusted.
My friend Gabe is back in town, he goes to school in Chicago but has spent the last semester (maybe he's on trimesters?) in Germany. I am supposed to have brunch with him today, and then I think Matt's going to take him to Corral to find some German Beer. I am going to spend my afternoon wrapping gifts and packaging up the rest of the Christmas cookies. I made tons of cookies this year. Each box contains a few of each of these: chocolate chips, iced sugar cookies with sprinkles, iced gingerbread with mint sprinkles, coconut jelly tops (with blueberry and apricot jelly), apricot walnut oatmeal cookies, white chocolate hazelnut apricot oatmeal truffles, walnut truffles, mint truffles and raspberry truffles. I may have gone overboard, but we really are broke, and I do love to bake. Most of the people I love enjoy eating cookies, so it all works out well.
I made most of my gifts this year, more than I've done in the past. I still haven't made anything significantly large for anyone. I don't like to push the deadlines, but maybe a select few will get sweaters from me for Christmas some time in the future. For now I'll stick to small, fancy things.
What with the Sprout coming, I have been giving a lot of thought to how Matt and I plan to celebrate the Christmas holiday, and all holidays in general. Neither of us are very religious, and we both don't like the idea of telling our kid that some oversized elf breaks into the house once a year to dump a ton of toys under a tree. Don't get me wrong, I loved Santa as a kid, but I want to emphasize the idea gift-giving by focusing on the concept of making something with your own two hands, thinking about the person you are going to give it to, showing your love for them in that way. Also, I am cheap.
My good friend Amy has two daughters. Her family celebrates the holiday season a different way each year. The girls pick a country and study how the cultures there celebrate the winter holiday. Most cultures mark the solstice in some significant way, regardless of the spiritual and religious beliefs of the people. This seems to work well, and the girls love it. They make delicacies from their chosen country, decorate the house according to customs and learn about games children in the country play. I think this is an excellent way to teach kids about different cultures and to take the consumerist focus off the holiday season.
Speaking of consumerism, I've managed to avoid the mall this year, and I plan to keep it that way. There is one thing I wanted to purchase, it is a "Really Cool Thing" for Matt, but I cannot seem to get my hands on one. It is out of stock everywhere and I am on several waiting lists. Just so you all don't think I am a huge procrastinator, I have been on several waiting lists for several weeks. It'll get here, just not by Christmas. I hate this idea of "The Ultimate Gift," but this really is the perfect thing for him.
I'm getting "The Ultimate Gift" this year too. My sister is going to be in St. Louis for Christmas. She hasn't been home with us for the holidays in five years. She'll be here for a week. I am so happy.


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