Monday, January 15, 2007

Two down, twenty-three to go!

I've made some progress on Lizard Ridge. Here we have my first two rectangles. I'm stubborn and picky, so I decided to make some slight alterations to the pattern. Instead of 24 squares, each 3 repeats, I'm doing 25 rectangles, 5 repeats each. I also decided that I'm just going to stick with the very bright colors of Kureyon.
I have used #40

and #159

Now all I need is more money to buy more yarn. I've been too sick and gross with the pinkeye to work, so I'm broke. Also I don't want to inflict myself on the knitters of St. Louis, so I sat at home last Wednesday iunstead of going to Knit Night at Knitorious. Sigh. I'm trying to get better so I can go this week, but If I'm still gross and contagious I'm staying at home.

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Anonymous pam said...

Oh man, is EVERYONE knitting this blanket? They're SO gorgeous, and I love the colors you chose!

3:03 PM  

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